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Xunantunich : Maiden Of The Rocks.
Our Motto is UnBelizeAble Tour Service, Fit For Royalty.
with King David and EnTourage

Xunantunich is Located in just near the Belize Guatemala Border

In mayan hierarchy, the position of the king was hereditary. The oldest child was next in line to the throne, therefore it could have meant that a girl could have ruled over such great cities such as Xunantunich. El Castillo (spanish for Castle) is the most imposing structure at this site and quite a view I should say from the bottom looking onwards to this magnificent structure or from on top with a panoramic view from the great distance in the Belize side and Guatemalan side.

schedule Duration: 6 hours
face Seating: 2 - 45
explore Location: Cayo

Xunantunich Tour are available for Overnight and cruise ship visitors. For pricing, feel free to make your inquiry.
Cruise Ship Passengers are met Outside Terminal One. The sooner you board the tenders to the port, and the sooner we meet, the better for us all.
For small groups of 3 or 4 guest, they can Choose either a Private Xunantunich Tour, or a Public Xunantunich Tour.
A Public Xunantunich Tour can take 10, 15, 20 or perhaps up to 35 minutes before it moves, until all parties involve are together. A public tour will not be more than 14 guest on the van. However, chances are, they might be the only tour for that date, and hence their tour can still be private despite the fact that You choose a public tour.
A Private Tour for 3 or 4 guest is a little bit more than the public Tours.
For parties of 5 or more, they are automatically considered Private Tours. Their Tour begins immediately when they meet us Outside Terminal One. They pay the price of a public tour.
A Private  Xunantunich Tour for 1 or 2 person only is also possible. Just keep in mind, more expenses are incur on us to carried this tour, hence the prize will be a little higher for1 or 2 person only.

Overnight Visitors to Belize are met: at the Philip Goldson International Airport on the day of their arrival, at the Municipal Airstrip in Belize City, if they are flying in from the islands or cayes, at the Water Taxi, or at their Hotel in Belize City or anywhere on Mainland Belize.

Tour Highlights

After meeting the guest, we drive on a westerly direction for about 2 ½ hour. During this drive, the guide elaborates about Belize in general. The scenery along the road is unique from couple inches below sea level in Belize City, to higher elevations, passing thru mangrove ecosystem, savannah Ecosystem, pine forest ecosystem, farmlands, and view from a distance of Mennonite communities to twin towns connected by a low wooden bridge and a suspension bridge. We continue towards the border of Belize/Guatemala, where we come across a manually operated ferry to take us across the river. The ferry can take like 4 vehicles at a time. the guest are not allowed in the vehicle while the ferry is moving. From the ferry to the site its like 3 minutes. At the Site, there is possibilities of seeing howler monkeys or perhaps spider monkeys. At the site, there is a little museum like display of the site. We Also get to see unique architectural designs and various rooms, plazas and ball court.

Tour Inclusions

Air Condition Transportation, entrance fees and guide services. Water is also included.

Tour Exclusions.

Gratuity is not included in the Prize. But please consider Tipping Your Guide. Lunch is not included but WE can stop at local restaurant for The National Dish of Belize. For any special request, please let us know via private email.

What To Bring For Your Tour:

Camera, Go Pro, comfortable walking shoes/tennis, bug spray, hats and shades.
Optional: School Supplies for school kids. You can give them as we pass a nearby school or you can give us so we give them at a later date.

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