Covid-19 Update

Greetings Friends of AlTourNative Belize Services  and Future Guest, This Covid-19  pandemic has severely impacted everyone in this beautiful planet of ours. During this complete shutdown worldwide, We been busy participating  on important webinars to educate ourselves about safety  features to help stop the spread of this Novel Corona Virus Pandemic. After couple of months […]

Belize Tours

AlTourNative Belize Services welcomes you to  your Belize Tours and  Adventure. We would be honored to serve you. If given the opportunity to pamper you with our great customer service , we are confident that you will have a memorable experience with us leading your Belize Tours. In fact, our TripAdvisor ratings and reviews speak […]

Travellers Rum Factory

Belize is a tropic and vibrant Caribbean / Central American Country with diverse culture , religion , music, cosine, flora , fauna , history, and tours. Come experience Belize with a native guide. We offer various alternative tours in Belize. Let us customize your Belize adventure. How about a tour of the Rum Factory? Got Rum anyone?

Belize Rainy Season

The Belize Rainy Season  is from June to November. Therefore, The Management and Staff at AlTourNative Belize Services, Would like to advice their loyal Customers that the Rainy Season in Belize may allow the cave tubing tours to be canceled at times because of overnight flooding. If on the day of your tour, the cave […]

Cave Tubing park Rules

Greetings, Happy New Year to one and all. Wish You all the Best for 2016. I , King David Castillo, would like to give you all the many thanks for allowing us to be part of your Belize Adventure in 2015.  WE are looking forward to continue provide you all the same  Quality Tour Services for your […]

On Behalf of King David Castillo and EnTourage of AlTourNative Belize Services, I like to Wish you all a Merry Christmas.  Best Wishes Now and Always. Happy holidays. Safe Travels to Belize Of Course, if you are planning to travel during these holidays,  and planning a Belize Tours with Us, We would be happy to help. […]

Our New Uniforms

Our new uniforms are finally ready. Here is a small sample for you until we meet. New Uniform Design Our new uniforms now feature our logo on the reverse side along with King David – Castillo as the title. The logo is prominently featured on the reverse side, you will be able to distinguish our team and […]

Now it’s even easier to get a flight to Belize from Houston, starting on October 15, 2015 with Southwest Airlines. Southwest new non-stop flight to Belize Southwest Airlines announced new national and international routes through 2016. One of those announcements was a daily non-stop flight from Houston to Belize. Whether you’re booking for that end […]

September Carnival

Belize September Celebrations

Belize celebrates its 34th Independence Day Anniversary on September 21st and also the 217th Anniversary of, “The Battle of St. George’s Caye Day” on September 10th. Belize is a young nation rich in natural resources, history and culture and the September Celebrations are a cause for all Belizeans to feel patriotic and proud to be a part […]