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Altun Ha and Howler Monkey Sanctuary Tours is Perfect combination for History Enthusiast and Wild Life lovers. Let us tell you How these are spiritually connected according to the Mayans

Our Altun Ha and Howler Monkey Sanctuary Tour Prices are fair and Competitive.
Infants Ages 1 to 2 years go for free.

Kids Ages 3 to 13 year have a special rate.
Adolescent ages 14 to 19 years pay as adult
Adults 14-69
Senior Citizens ages 70 and above have special rates.

Group sizes 16 to 21 Group Leaders go for half prize.

For Group sizes 21 and above, the group leaders go for free.

Exchange Rate is 1 u.s dollars = 2 Belize dollars.

Our Price Ranges from 65 U.S. PP fo to 115 U.S. pp based on the size of the group and demographic of your group.

Our Motto is : UnBelizeAble Tour Service, Fit For Royalties
with King David "Castillo" and EnTourage

We do appreciate early inquiries and reservation for this tour. It will help us to be able to plan your tours Carefully.
We try not to overbook our staff so we can ensure the quality of service is the best.

schedule Duration: 5 1/2 hours
face Seating: 2 - 35
explore Location: Belize City
  • Altun Ha and Howler Monkey Sanctuary Tour meeting / departure point For Cruise Ship Guest Only:  Our Very descriptive confirmation emails is very descriptive of how and where we will meet. The sooner you meet us the better for you and for us. Our Meeting point is Outside Terminal One.

Altun Ha and Howler Monkey Sanctuary Tour meeting / departure point for our  OVERNIGHT guest. Our Guest are met at the Philip Goldson International Airport on the day of their arrival, at the Municipal Airstrip in Belize City if they are flying in from the islands or cayes, at the Water Taxi, or at their Hotel in Belize City or anywhere on Mainland Belize.

Altun Ha and Howler Monkey Sanctuary Tour description is  interconnected with the Story of Creation. The Popul Vuh speaks of four efforts of Creation.
Come Learn of the Hero Twins and their Jealous Elder Brothers Whom the Hero Twins a transformed into monkeys while the younger brothers becoming the Sun and Moon.
The Main Temple at Altun Ha is known to use as the Structure of the Sun God. During the Day, He is the Sun Deity. During the night he converts himself in the The Jaguar God. The Jaguar is the most powerful cat in the Americas. He is the Supreme hunter.
The Combination Tour of Altun Ha and Howler Monkey Sanctuary is Fun for Children of all Ages.

Altun Ha and Howler Monkey Sanctuary Tour Highlights  is a Great Combination Tour of Flora and Fauna. Our Guest gets a good idea of  Country side  while Learning of our History and the importance of Conservation.

Altun Ha and Howler Monkey Sanctuary Tour Inclusions
Air Condition Transportation, entrance fees and guide services. Lunch and Water is also included.

Altun Ha and Howler Monkey Sanctuary Tour Exclusions.
Gratuity is not included in the Prize. But please consider Tipping Your Guide. For any special request, please let us know via private email.
What To Bring For Your Tour for your Altun Ha and Howler Monkey Sanctuary Tour:
Camera, Go Pro, comfortable walking shoes/tennis, bug spray, hats and shades.
Optional: School Supplies for school kids. You can give them as we pass a nearby school or you can give us so we give them at a later date.



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