Belize Rainy Season

The Belize Rainy Season  is from June to November. Therefore, The Management and Staff at AlTourNative Belize Services, Would like to advice their loyal Customers that the Rainy Season in Belize may allow the cave tubing tours to be canceled at times because of overnight flooding. If on the day of your tour, the cave should be closed because of the Belize Rainy Season, then please be advice that We can offer you and alternative tour to re-compensate you for your cave tubing tours. We take your safety serious.  Safety rules  are very important for you and for us.  Park Rules is 8 persons per guide.

Thank You for your understanding. We look forward to continue serving you to the best of our capabilities.

However, Please note and Understand that During the Rainy Season in Belize, We can also offer you other alternative tours that are equally as fun for the entire Family.

King David Castillo and EnTourage.