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Cave Tubing Altun Ha Tours is a popular combination. Come and Experience two Mayan Realms: the Underworld and the Upper World. Come Be One with the Deities.

Our Motto is: UnBelizeAble Tour Service, Fit For Royalty.
With King David "Castillo" and EnTourage

Cave Tubing Altun Ha Tours are available for Overnight and Cruise ship visitors to Belize.

Learn how these two worlds collide. The Mayan underworld called Xibalba ( the Cave) is the home of the Dual Deites. On Top of Altun Ha, Dwells the Deities of the Heavens. Let us TEACH You about Mayan history, culture and believes. Be Cultural.

Our adventure begins from the time We meet in Belize city whether you are visiting Belize from a Cruise Ship, or staying in Belize city, or enjoying one of the so many lovely islands of Belize. A day full of mystique, myths, mystery, believes, history, culture practices awaits you. Travel back in time, as we visit the Mayan City where the Mayan king would show his power in public to his people on top of Structure B4, then later thru the course of the day, after we have enjoyed a local cuisine, pay visit to the sacred ground of Xibalba (Entrance to Hell) (the Cave) where their priests and shamans, and the people would do symbolic offerings to their "Gods" of the Underworld. Travel back in time today in modern day canoes ( Comfortable Tubes) to witness the so many formations they offer to the Gods as offerings to yield a successful agricultural crop cycle.

Cave Tubing Altun Ha Tours in Belize is a Must do. Let us Treat You as Royalties.

schedule Duration: 6 hours
face Seating: 20
explore Location: Altun Ha and Cave Tubing Tours

 Cave Tubing Altun Ha Tours are by far, our most requested  and selling tourHowever, Please note that Cave Tubing is subject to Mother Nature. It can be closed on the day of your tour because of over night flooding, or it can be good. If in the event its closed on the day of your tour, please note we will still be waiting for you and can offer you other alternative tours that are equally as fun for the same price.


Please Note that our prices are based on a Fixed Price Rate from the Belize Tourism Board and A Group of Local Tour operators who are working together to be able to provide You, our valued visitors to Belize with a better quality of service. Any Tour Operator here in Belize that does not comply with these rules and Regulations when it come to pricing, may be Sanction by the Belize Tourism board and may have his or her Tour Operator License Revoked.


Our Prices are fair and Competitive.  1 U.S. dollars = 2 Belize dollars.  Prices are based  on the size of YOUR group and How much you like your tour to be customize for you. For Groups of 16 or more Guest, the prices can be negotiated.  Feel free to email us for any inquiry.

We do appreciate early inquiries and reservation for this tour. It will help us to be able to plan your tours Carefully.

Cruise Ship Passengers are met Outside Terminal One with a sign that reads  their name.  For this tour, Its very, very important for you to meet us as soon as Possible.
For CRUISE SHIP GUEST ONLY, small groups of 3 or 4 guest,  THEY can Choose either a Private Cave Tubing  Altun Ha Tours, OR a Public Cave Tubing Altun Ha Tours. 

For Small groups of   3 or 4 that choose a private tour, they will pay a little bit more to make their tour private.

For Small Groups of 3 or 4 That Choose a public Tour, they will pay less than a private tour for 3 or 4 person. But they may or may not be join by others. For those that choose A public Tour, it can take 10, 15, 20 or perhaps up to 35 minutes before it moves, until all parties involve are together. A public tour will not be more than 14 guest on the van. However, chances are, Your party might be the only tour for that date, and hence Your tour can still be private despite the fact that You choose a public tour

For parties of 5 or more, they are automatically considered Private Tours. Their Tour begins immediately when they meet us. They pay the regular Price.
A Private Altun Ha Cave Tubing Tour for 1 or 2 person only is also possible. Just keep in mind, more expenses are incur on us to carried this tour, hence the prize will be a little higher for 1 or 2 person only. They will pay 120

For OVERNIGHT VISITORS TO BELIZE, the prices are based on your group size and how much customized your tour may be required.

Overnight visitors to Belize are met: at the Philip Goldson International Airport on the day of their arrival, at the Municipal Airstrip in Belize City, if they are flying in from the islands or cayes, at the Water Taxi, or at their Hotel in Belize City or anywhere on Mainland Belize.

Tour Highlights

After meeting the guest, we drive on a westerly direction for about 1 hour. During this drive, the guide elaborates about Belize in general. The scenery along the way is unique as we pass thru a  Mangrove ecosystem, a savanna Eco system,  a pine forest, farmlands and a Secondary broad leaf forest which is next to a Rain forest. The possibility of seeing wild life in the  lush forest is there but not Guaranteed.

Cave Tubing is normally our first activity. We do Carry your comfortable Tubes  to the entrance of the cave as part of our tour services to you. Our Tubes are equip with a netting at the bottom, has a headrest and are interconnected with Clips to link the group together.  Park Rules is 8 guest per guide.

After our hike thru the jungle trails, we are ready for our tubing.Our tubes will already be at the entrance of the cave.  We float thru the cave system and float the extra open river  to where we first began our hike. Once we re group at the parking lot, we continue on our next adventure. Altun Ha.

The site includes one of the most famous structure in Belize, for it is embodied in the bottle of the local beer in Belize. Belikin beer. You will have the opportunity to go on top of some of the structures if not all, time permitting. It has couple structures, plazas, gift shops for souvenirs for after the tour.  At Altun Ha, We can be there for some  25 minutes, 30 minutes up to 1 hour. It all depends on how soon you meet us and how much time you like to spend at Altun Ha.  In 11 years as guide, I been lucky and blessed to have gotten all my guest back to the ship. We want to keep it that way.

Tour Inclusions

Air Condition Transportation, entrance fees and guide services,  equipment for Cave tubing (life vest/ life jackets, helmets with headlight or only the headlights, comfortable tubes and extra guide for the cave tubing activity if the group is more than 8.  Water is also included for our Altun Ha tour portion

Tour Exclusions

Gratuity is not included in the Prize. But please consider Tipping your Guide. Lunch is not included but WE can stop at local restaurant for The National Dish of Belize. For any special request, please let us know via private email.

Bring along:

Comfortable water shoes for the hike. We will be hiking on smooth river stones.  No Flip Flops is allowed. Crocs or Sandals with strap or keens will be great for the hike.
Digital Water Proof Camera, Go Pro, Comfortable swimming attire, can be bathing suits or trousers, ( what ever makes you comfortable ) Towels for after the Tubing, Dry Clothes for after the tubing.
If you got kids  traveling with you, Bring along Snacks for the Ride.

comfortable walking shoes/tennis, bug spray, hats and shades.

Optional: School Supplies for school kids. You can give them as we pass a nearby school or you can give us so we give them at a later date.


Combination Tours for Overnight Visitors

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