Bird Watching Tours in Belize is A Birders reason to fly here.
Our motto is: UnBelizeAble Tour Service, Fit For Royalty.
With King David and EnTourage

Bird Watching Tour in Belize is based on a basic introduction level to the various Birds of Belize, whether it is a native bird or migratory birds of Belize.

Bird Watching tours in Belize are best enjoyed with another combination Tours. it can be combine with either:

A) Howler Monkey Sanctuary, B) BelizeZoo or C) with both the Sanctuary and the Zoo Tour.

However, for Professional Birders, Please states on your inquiry if you are a professional birder so that an adequate bird watching Guide is assign to you.

The Celestial Bird Also known as the Serpent Bird and Seven-macaw is associated with the four corners of the world. He also marked the four corners of the temple, thereby establishing the sacred mountain's summit. In the Popul Vuh, Seven Macaw once posted as the sun. He thought that his jeweled teeth, moon-white nose, and metal nest reflecting light down to the flooded people- this was before the people of maise or the emergence of the sun and moon and the stars -- that he was a beautiful, magnificent and all - powerful as the sun. The boy gods, Hunahpu and Xbalanque, knew that this was untrue and that they must remedy the situation. With the help of an old couple, the boys stripped Seven Macaw of his trinkets of glory, after which he died without greatness.

The Ancient Maya traded goods for the long tail feathers of the macaw, sewing them into headdresses and clothing or offering them during ceremonies. Belize is a Birders Paradise.

schedule Duration:
face Seating:
explore Location: Belize City

Bird Watching Tours  in Belize are available for Overnight and cruise ship visitors. For pricing, feel free to make your inquiry.
Cruise Ship Passengers are met Outside Terminal One. The sooner you board the tenders to the port, and the sooner we meet, the better for us all.
For small groups of 3 or 4 guest, they can Choose either a Private Bird watching Tour, or a Public Bird watching Tour.
A Public Bird Watching Tour can take 10, 15, 20 or perhaps up to 35 minutes before it moves, until all parties involve are together. A public tour will not be more than 14 guest on the van. However, chances are, they might be the only tour for that date, and hence their tour can still be private despite the fact that You choose a public tour.
A Private Bird Watching  Tour for 3 or 4 guest is a little bit more than the public Tours.
For parties of 5 or more, they are automatically considered Private Tours. Their Tour begins immediately when they meet us Outside Terminal One. They pay the price of a public tour.
A Private Bird Watching  Tour for 1 or 2 person only is also possible. Just keep in mind, more expenses are incur on us to carried this tour, hence the prize will be a little higher for1 or 2 person only.

Overnight Visitors to Belize are met: at the Philip Goldson International Airport on the day of their arrival, at the Municipal Airstrip in Belize City, if they are flying in from the islands or cayes, at the Water Taxi, or at their Hotel in Belize City or anywhere on Mainland Belize.

Tour Highlights

After meeting the guest, birding begins from the city area along the shores for shore birds, in thickets for warblers, wading birds, farms for pasture birds, or any where in Belize for that sake. It all depends on what’s on your checklist of Birds in Belize. We can travel either to the Bird Sanctuary or to a nature park, but Belize is a birds paradise.
Tour Inclusions
Air Condition Transportation, entrance fees and guide services. Water is also included.
Tour Exclusions.
Gratuity is not included in the Prize. But please consider Tipping Your Guide. Lunch is not included but WE can stop at local restaurant for The National Dish of Belize. For any special request, please let us know via private email.
What To Bring For Your Tour:
Camera, Go Pro, comfortable walking shoes/tennis, bug spray, hats and shades.
Optional: School Supplies for school kids. You can give them as we pass a nearby school or you can give us so we give them at a later date.


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