Covid-19 Update

Greetings Friends of AlTourNative Belize Services  and Future Guest,

This Covid-19  pandemic has severely impacted everyone in this beautiful planet of ours. During this complete shutdown worldwide, We been busy participating  on important webinars to educate ourselves about safety  features to help stop the spread of this Novel Corona Virus Pandemic.

After couple of months of closing our airport, Belize has Finally  reopen our Airport, Hotels and some tour operations under the safe corridor phase. After a long lay away, We are working diligently to implement the 9 safety steps to obtain our Gold Standard Certification to be able to reopen our tours to our valued guest.

With your safety on mind at all times, We are confident that we will reopen soon for business. However, this pandemic has brought about few changes in the way we will conduct our tours moving forward. Some of these changes will now be permanent , while some of these practices will be temporarily until the World Health Organization, , CDC, and local Belize Authorities advice us that is now safe to go back to  our normal lives.

Therefore, in the spirit  of safety, we are implementing new rules to help us mitigate the spread of this virus.  We will be implement Temperature checks before and after tour, Signage on all our Tour vehicles, Hand Sanitizing stations, Online payments ,  waivers, and using Face shield and face mask when necessary.

We would like to Thank You in advance for your understanding and cooperation during this unexpected turn of events for us all. Please Note, We also took this break to sharpen our skills. Therefore, We are looking forward to serving you with bright eyed and bushy tails.

Yours Truly,  Friend in Tourism

King David and EnTourage of AlTourNative Belize Services.