Altun Ha and Howler Monkey Sanctuary Tour meeting / departure point For Cruise Ship Guest Only:  Our Very descriptive confirmation emails is very descriptive of how and where we will meet. The sooner you meet us the better for you and for us. Our Meeting point is Outside Terminal One.

face Seating: 2 - 35 explore Belize City

 Lamanai  Tours is great tour  for Adventure, History, Culture,  Flora and Fauna.  The possibility of Seeing wild life is there. but not Guaranteed. On our Trips, We have  seen Crocodiles, Toucans, Monkeys and A wide variety of Birds. Lamanai is one of the Mayan   city that survived even long after the arrival of the Europeans. Let […]

face Seating: 25 explore Orange Walk

Private Altun Ha Tours in Belize  are available for Overnight and cruise ship visitors. Please take note that single day tours, ESPECIALLY for Cruise Ship Visitors, can be done either as private Tours or Public Tours for small group of 3 to 4 person. Groups of 5 or more are automatically Private Tours. Please Note […]

face Seating: 2 - 50 explore Belize, Belize City